Armory Chat EP 03

In this episode 03 of the Armory Chat, we are doing some things a little different. Originally that day, I had planned on filming some stuff with the Winchester 52C topped with a Unertl optic. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had different ideas.


A severe thunderstorm blew through the farm, with lightning chasing me into “The Garage”. Ok. Sounds typical and boring. But in reality, what Freeze and family call a garage is actually a carriage house built around 1900. It has a second floor loft. An old caretaker apartment, and is stocked with over 100 years worth of tools, farm implements, and vehicles. It’s a really neat place and it might make future appearances on film.

So with the weather outside being terrible for rare and collectable rifle optics, I decided to throw together the planned  Armory Chat with viewer questions. Special note, I expand on my thought regarding the 300 Blackout at the end.




“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”


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  • Brennen Munro

    Your justifying your “snuggy” made me laugh dude! I wonder if you will ever get through to the people who are buying into the whole 300BO is the new be all end all that is going to solve all our problems and bring world peace? Good chat, thanks!