Bolt on Rail Body for 1911

Like many of you, I have seen stories about these bolt-on rail-body kits (Recover Tactical) for 1911s. I have never given them much mind. As a tried and true 1911 guy, I am impressed by the idea of yet another aftermarket product for a 100 year old design. The images you see here are of a model I found on display in some random gun store a while back.


Am I interested in one? No. Will I try one? Probably not. Is there a market for such a product? Realistically? In the United States? One needs to jump through quite a few scenarios & hoops to make the logic work: allowed one gun, can’t get approved for a new gun, need a light, don’t want or not allowed to modify existing frame. It is that twisted logic that drives a lot of the “weird” gun designs that come out of Europe for example.




But the good news. Seems well made. I assume it “works” and doesn’t induce any kind of malfunction? Allows for a light on a gun without modifying the existing frame. But SureFire came out with a bolt-on rail many years ago that does the same thing better — I have one. Model # MR07. This product does allow the user to texture the “grips”, so that is a plus. And if anyone is going to kick this over holster selection, I say hogwash. There are more custom-kitchen-kydex makers than you can shake a stick at.


The only kick I can actually say about it is the girth. I have larger / longer hands. If you are a slender handed shooter, this is a no-go. Don’t even try.  But if you have a old unused 1911, and want to see what you can do with it? This item has a high fiddle-factor. And who doesn’t like that?


Fun toy.




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  • ReCover Tacitcal

    Thanks for the mention, just want to clarify a few things. As for width, you can see in the attached pic that the CC3H doesn’t add any girth to gun, since you haven’t mounted one to your gun please let me know and I would gladly send you out a set for T&E.
    As for appeal, the CC3H has been the top 2 or 3 best selling 1911 grip on Amazon for the past year and has over 200 x 4.5 star reviews. So that should tell you something about how many people are buying this product, not as narrow as you think.


      Dear Recover Tactical, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. I wasn’t aware how well this product was selling and it sounds like it is very successful. Congratulations. As for the “girth issue”, I stand by my original statement. While the overall width of your product may match the overall width of many 1911 grip panels, it is the squared front that adds the extra girth.

      As for a T&E example, here is what we propose. If RC is willing to send over an example for a 5″ 1911 and an accompanying holster, we would be willing to mount it on a high-end 1911 and run some tests and drills. Which we would share with our readers. After that, we would be interested in giving away the same (minus my expensive 1911 of course) to one of our customers.

      If that is something you might be interested in, feel free to contact me directly tacticaltshirts AT

      “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Aj

    A bit disappointed in this article. At no point did it tell me anything of worth. Should have just posted the picture with the caption “buy it or don’t, it’s up to you”. I usually enjoy your articles, but this one was just not informative (lazy). I hope ReCover sends you their product so you can put together a proper article, and give an informed opinion of the product.


      The answer to why it’s nothing more than a pic and commentary is we didn’t buy it. We are not gear reviewers.

      If we don’t have something, it’s because we don’t know about it, don’t like it, or can’t afford it.

      It’s well made but a pretty contrived concept for the U.S. consumer. Example, would I shoot great grandpa’s 1917 colt to justify this?

      Most would not. They would retire the old work horse and buy a second gun.