EP41 of the John1911 Podcast

The John1911 Podcast Episode 41

Episode 41 of the John1911.com podcast. We are still tweaking the audio but are making progress. Hopefully you don’t mind too much. Freeze sounds great. I am still a little low in the volume area.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The Bombings in NYC & NJ
  • Mayor of NY won’t say “terrorism”
  • CNN busted editing Trump audio…again!
  • Man killed testing old body armor
  • Libertarian candidate supports Clinton?
  • Black Dallas PD Officer sues BLM
  • George Zimmerman attacker found guilty
  • M&P 15/22’s banned from Appleseed events
  • French MIL chooses HK416 piston AR
  • Freeze secretly LOVES the FAXON ARAK




Marky & Freeze



“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
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  • AD

    RDR Holsters, originally from Florida but they are in Utah now, IWB or AIWB holsters. I can do a handstand pushup with a P220 and it stays put. $40 for a base VP9 model. They will even mold a light into it for you.

    • Tag me a link if you wish?


      • AD

        https://rdrholsters.com/store/customize/?category_slug=the-iwb-holster&make_value=2218. I love these things, excellent customer service as well. With as popular as the VP9’s are, I do not believe they have much of a wait either.

        • Do all their AIWB holster have that “leg” that kicks out? I don’t care for that.


          • AD

            The AIWB holsters do, but I recently purchased the IWB for a P220, it is just wide enough to cover the firearm and has a single belt clip, and I like that a lot better. Even with just the single clip I can do a handstand and my pistol stays where I put her.