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  • Gary Tompkins

    A long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away…. Ok, it was France. D-DAY.

  • PA Jack

    God Bless those Men!

  • Mikial

    Great post.

    My family were all either fighting in the Italy Theater during WWII or in the pacific. Didn’t have any in D-Day, although the father landed at Salerno.

    Can you even imagine what it was like landing at Omaha Beach? Talk about intense.

  • Brennen Munro

    I was living in France in 1985 and had taken some friends who were visiting to the Normandy landing sites. Avoiding the tourist, we were walking along the cliffs of Pte. de Hoc, and as I was trying to recall from history books what had happened where, a deep baritone voice behind me said, “I came up right there”… We turned to find an older man who still carried himself with a straight back and solemness that made you listen closely and pay attention. He described what had happened to him, and how his day had progressed. I was fortunate to spend several hours walking and talking to this fine gentleman, and as difficult as it was for him to relate what had happened on D-day, he answered any questions we had. I am now ashamed to have to admit that I do not recall his name, but I will never forget how he looked standing on those cliffs with the wind blowing his silver hair around. One more thing that stands out, in contrast to the many visitors who stand on the cliffs looking seaward, He stood looking inward, toward the objectives that needed to be taken and the freedom that he and his buddies were bringing to Europe.


  • A Mike Pietri

    God Bless America

  • Outlaw

    Without the bravery and sacrifice of those GI’s who landed on those bloody beaches and the Airborne who landed in the flooded fields behind the beaches and the Sailors and Airmen who were involved in those landings who knows what the world we live in today might look like. As bad as it sometimes seems today it wouldn’t have been the same without the “greatest generation.”

    I listened tonight to a 91 year old survivor of the 101st who said that “we weren’t scared of anything” and that they had a “good time” even while losing a plane load of his company to AA fire coming in for the drop’s. I know that this comment seems rather strange but I understand it completely. I don’t think you could have survived it without the feeling of it being “a good time.” If you thought of it as the awful event that it truly must have been you would have gone insane from the horror of it all.

    They were saving the world from a homicidal maniac who would have never surrendered until every man woman and child in Europe had been killed. I cannot fathom what it must have been like to have witnessed the terror and awful carnage on those beaches. It had to have been Hell on earth. Thankfully we had those brave men who sacrificed and died for the freedom we enjoy today.

    We owe all the hero’s not just from WWII but each and every war from the past a huge THANK YOU and JOB WELL DONE we wouldn’t be the nation we are without your sacrifices.

    It seems shameful that our current leader seems to have no interest in the great country that he was elected to lead only wishing to make us equal to the rest of the world. I’m sorry that he does not understand that the rest of the world needs to be the equal of us not the other way around.

    It would be interesting to see how our world standing would change if we quit handing out billions in free aid only to be hated for who and what we are and instead used it in our own nation to solve our own issues. I think that it wouldn’t be long before we were invited back with open arms (pockets, LOL.) Oh well that ain’t gonna’ happen not in my lifetime anyway.