Glock 19 Winner Darrel Hill -Colorado

The December 2015 giveaway winner has taken possession of his gun. A LE Trade in Glock 19 Generation 2. Congratulations to Darrell!

Darrel Hill Colorado. Glock 19 Winner

Darrel Hill Colorado. Glock 19 Winner

Sorry for the delay in getting this information posted. Between our Christmas rush, the postman’s Christmas rush, and some issues with Darrell’s FFL, it just took longer than expected.


Stay tuned for our next giveaway.
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  • Brennen Munro

    Maybe you guys should have given away a jacket too, love the gun and the shirt but… Burrrrrr, Dude really?! I get some laughs at the range because I sometimes show up looking like I am going on a walrus hunt in the Arctic, but I do not enjoy the cold as much as I used to, and if I remember correctly I never really enjoyed it then! Congratulations Darrel enjoy your “new” pistol, and maybe get a jacket.

    • I suspect he did that so he could show off our company shirt. It something we like to have for pics.