Guns in 3-Star Hotels

This is a follow up to a post I did last year about a guy getting jammed up with hotel staff for having firearms on property [CLICK HERE]. But this time, I’m in a 3 star hotel. I assume it was anyway. Certainly not a 5, but I digress.

Checking in: I walked straight through the lobby with this drag bag over my shoulder. Nobody gave it a second glance. And nobody saw it again until I walked out with it the next morning.

Drag bag at range. Blaser R8. 243win Heavy Weight Match Barrel, Steiner 25x optic, Neopod bi-pod, etc.

Why did I bring the rifle inside? A few reasons. One, it’s worth quite a bit more than the PTR Truck gun that usually resides onboard. Two, I wasn’t totally happy with where I would have to park my truck at this hotel. The parking lot was busy and, “Around back by the dumpster” just didn’t seem optimal. So…I made a command decision.

Checking out: on egress I rode the elevator down with hotel staff. And we were packed in there tight. Once out, the lower level was very busy with foot traffic and breakfast goers. Is it optimal or preferred to walk around a hotel with a freaking drag bag over your shoulder? Not only no, but hell no! But in the real world, a lot of people either don’t see things for what they are. Or fixate more on the energy of the people around them.

Drag bag on hotel floor. Was hidden behind bed. Could have easily been placed in the closet. No big deal.

Botton line: Don’t unnecessarily push your luck. But in a pinch, if you act like you know where you are going, and seem like you have somewhere to go, and aren’t yelling, “Aloha Snack bar” most people won’t give you a second look.
“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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  • Richard Meade

    I guess be thankful you didn`t have to stop in the lobby and unzip the bag to get your keys

    • I’m betting that would have made zero difference. If someone asks what’s in the bag?

      “My Big Guitar”


  • Chris Bergen

    More than likely, the only one who’s gonna know what that is, is another gun guy, and they’re not gonna rat you out… 🙂

  • Jeff

    Now a days most have their Damn noses in a phone or tablet. Lol

    • Zombies. All of them. Zombies I say.


    • Mikial

      Yeah, that’s a really good point. I conduct HEAT training session for various do-gooder organizations who are deploying people to high risk zones, many of whom are headquartered in DC. I usually bring along some training aids to show people (inert mortar rounds, grenades, mines, survival gear, etc.), which I usually carry around in a standard 5.11 ruck. I’ve had to start sessions at 9am in DC, and ride the Metro into the city then walk to the client’s building carrying a military style ruck and no one even looks twice. The typical DC Millennium snowflakes who work in the city are so fixated on their iPhone and whatever, that I could be carrying anything in that ruck and no one would know it.

  • Mikial

    My experience with most hotels is that they really don’t pay much attention at all to your bags. Military style bags have become the rage for lot’s of ‘average citizens’ these days, and no one seems to pay much attention to them. But i do hear you on parking your vehicle. I was driving from the Western US to the East Coast a few years back with a fairly extensive selection of weapons in my vehicle. I was not at all comfortable leaving them in the Suburban, so I would take the bags into the room with me. No one ever said a word.

  • B. Young

    I suspect the look of the person carrying the bag matters….

    • How dare you speak such obvious truths in the age of political correctness! Off to the camps with you, heathen!!!!



      • B. Young

        are you microagressing me?? LOL

        • Ain’t nothing micro about me, Son.



    • KstarrR

      I have to agree. I catch a lot less flack than my “military/LE looking” husband. It is one of the few times being a woman with a southern drawl helps.

      • My mother has a strong southern accent. Cultural center of the universe, ma’am.