Is Your Rocket Launcher Legal?

Is Your Rocket Launcher Legal to Own?

This video is the product of a series of questions one reader was asking. He was attending gun shows and expressed an interest in buying some bazooka tubes as wall hangers. But his fear was inadvertently buying something that is a controlled or restricted item. 

While rare, it is certainly possible somebody could try to sell you something illegal. As such, it is incumbent on the buyer to not buy anything untoward. 

So this video addresses his questions and what to look for. From the private enthusiast perspective. Yes, there are FFL and explosive licenses available from the US Government that allow for functional items to be legally owned. 

That is not what we are discussing here. Those are reserved for manufacturers, outside DOD contractors and industry vendors. 

Items shown:

  • RPG-7.
  • Super Bazooka. 
  • M72 LAW. 




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