Leopard Attacks Jackal Hunting Party

These photos are coming out of South Africa. They are pretty gruesome by big-city standards, but I think interesting. And informative.

Leopard Being Weighed After attack

Leopard Being Weighed After attack

As it is being reported, a group of hunters was using dogs to hunt Jackals in South Africa when a leopard struck the party,

“Leopard shot at Frontier Safaris near Alicedale, Eastern Cape Province, SA. Apparently the owner, Barry Burchelle was hunting Jackal with dogs when it attacked the guide Dyan. Luckily Dale Venske shot it before it could kill Dyan. He has some serious damage to his face though. Leopard was big and weighed in at 113 Kg.”

How big a leopard? How big is an average man?

How big a leopard? How big is an average man?

I have never hunted leopards but I have read some stories about people who have. Note, many times leopard hunters are called in to deal with a man-killer who is terrorizing people. It’s not a trophy hunt. The general gist from all of them is…leopards will kick your ass. They are very smart. Very aggressive. And are infamous for turning the tables on even the most experienced hunters.

Unlike what is portrayed in the mainstream media and Disney movies, leopards are not cuddly, fast-kitties. They are apex predators. And if one sets it sights on you, your chances of survival are not great. Guns or not.

As these pictures can attest.



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  • Roy Dowd

    Those teeth are no joke. I remember reading PH Peter Hathaway Capstick’s book and the part on Leopards; “the most likely to get to you.” Another quote: With the most perfect camouflage in nature, the leopard is invisible until he turns into a golden-dappled streak of pure malevolence.” —Peter Hathaway Capstick

  • Thank you john for this post.
    The guide survived anyhow, but I think rest of his life is hell. This leopard is one of the largest and verified leopard. They are
    ultimate among wild cats family, the simple reason is that they are
    surviving as species in more places compared to other.Their predation on any animal, http://wildfact.com/forum/topic-leopard-predation-thread from mouse to bigger animal like Zebra and Wildebeest prove that they can live in any condition and environment.