New Shooting Barricade

So…a friend of ours volunteered to make some shooting barricades for the range. The design is the well known Viking Tactics variant. 

He sent over some photos and wanted my opinion. 

Have to say, I am stunned. That has to be the prettiest barricade this side of the Continental Divide! If you’ll notice, he even painted the inside of the widows a different color. 

Holy smokes. That’s a thing of beauty. So I am instituting a new barricade rule. If you shoot the barricade, you get to do 25 pushups in the gravel pit. Do it a second time, you are giving me 50 pushups on your knuckles; in the gravel pit. 

A third  time? You’ll be over at the carpenter’s house apologizing to his wife. Because she said, and I quote, “I don’t know why you are spending so much time on something that is going to get shot?”

In short, don’t make us look like assholes to Mama. 





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