POTD — Glock 17 Gen 5

“Officer Mike” reached out today. Earlier this morning, he picked up a brand new Glock 17 Gen 5. Being a awesome guy, he offered to let us test it out.

I know many of our readers are interested in the GEN 5 Glocks so “Offiicer Mike” is really doing us a solid. Because I see no possible way GEN 5 Glocks make their way into the armory organically.

Not capping on the 5. I’m sure it’s a valuable upgrade. But honestly, nobody over here has any issues with the finger groves, it still has a Glock grip-angle, and we are up to our eye-balls in the GEN 4’s. Actually…FDE Gen 4’s.

So this is likely to be the only GEN 5 Glock you’ll see us with. Hopefully I’ll have a video of a shakedown next week. You know…between working on the 1000 yard range project, running our normal business, and managing social media sites I have to meet the new Glock. Same as the old Glock.




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  • One final note. “Officer Mike” gave me a warning about borrowing his GEN 5. He said I better pick it up quick before he starts modifying and hacking on it.


    Meet the new Glock. Same as the old Glock!


  • guns2317

    I am still carrying a Gen 3 G22…not in any kind of hurry to replace it with a Gen 5, I will wait to get one once they start showing up on the used market. Still, look forward to see what you guys have to say about it.

    • Mikial

      Same here. I still carry my old Gen 3 G21 I bought back in . . . 2001? Still works like a champ.

      • Don’t let my secret get out, but IMO the best 45ACP pistol on the market today is the G21 Glock. If your hands are big enough to grip it that is.


        • guns2317

          Can not really argue with you on this one. A couple years ago I was at our range when a Glock rep came by. He gave me a box of ammo and his “demo” G21 and said have fun. Who was I to argue with that? The gun was dirty and he said it had not been cleaned in months….and I loved it. Ran like a champ, zero problems. I have never had issues handling the snappy .40 round in my G22 but thought the G21 was just superb. Smooth shooting and I love punching holes in paper you can clearly see from the 25 yard line. Wish I could carry it on duty.

          • Hell. A couple of PD’s around here issue G21’s!

            Bet you I know that GLOCK Rep personally.


    • It will be interesting and it will be boring. All Glocks are essentially the same. I have an old co-worker who had over 30,000 rounds on his GEN3 G19 back in 2011-2012!

      No need to change.

      For example. We are very deep into the GEN4 Glocks. Have more than you can shake a stick at. The only Glock I might be interested in would be a G20 in 10mm since we have a facility in bear country. When the need becomes imminent, I would just going to pickup a GEN 4.

      But…with the GEN 5 even be made in calibers like 40, 357SIG ad 10mm? Will it hold up with the new pin-set?