POTD – Rockets and Mausers

POTD: We have been in the process of building some new racks in the armory so things have been quite the mess lately. But those messes sometimes produce interesting pictures. I happened to notice a RPG-7, Strela-2 MANPAD, Swedish M41B and Czech Mauser all together, while items were waiting for their new shelving.

The rifles are functional. The rocket-launchers are not. But are part of the reference library.

Just another day in the armory.

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • attackpilot


    Thanks a lot to you and Freeze for the great products, articles, and podcasts. Please keep them coming!

    I’m curious about the MANPADS in this post. The weapons geek in me was intrigued by the little bit of it that you’ve shown. I have a pretty extensive background in threat weaponry from my previous work, and something just isn’t right about that gripstock for a Strela-2. It doesn’t appear to be a GEN 3 or later system, and I’m pretty sure it’s probably an inert or captive training device… All the same, I’m interested in the other markings on it, as I’ve never seen a GEN 2/earlier gripstock look quite like that one.

    I understand in this day and age if you’d prefer not to elaborate on the item, but thought I’d drop a line anyway.

    Thank you, gentlemen!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I am currently looking into having more photos taken of the control group. Are there any areas or markings you want me to zero in on?


      • attackpilot

        Thanks, Marky!
        Specifics that will help are the left side of the gripstock, any numbers/letters printed on the tube, and the battery/coolant unit (forward portion of the tube below and in front of the gripstock).

  • Brennen Munro

    I need to work on my storage issues as well, but I don’t think I have the same kinds of toys waiting to be racked as you guys do!