Shooting the VEPR-12 w/Friends

With all the hoopla going around over the VEPR sanctions, I have noticed increased traffic on our VEPR based content. Specifically, Freeze’s VEPR-12 shotgun.

And then it occurred to me, I never posted these photos from a friendly range session with some very good friends.

Neither one of them being experienced gun people actually turned out to be a net positive. While they hadn’t mastered such basics as leaning into firearms or bringing them up to your eye, they more than made up for it with their enthusiasm, positivity and eagerness to learn.

While Glocks are always crowd pleasers, the idea that there was actually a “AK” that fired 12 gauge shotgun shells was the real eye opener. Frankly, she was the belle of the ball. They couldn’t get enough of it.

And that reminds me. Didn’t we buy two VEPR’s? I guess mine in racked up in the armory? Unfired. Maybe I should do something about that one day?



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