The Spotter McGee Target

The Spotter McGee Target

One thing I have learned over the years without fail, is it’s always good to have a new pair of eyes look at something I am intimately familiar with. 

The Spotter McGee Target

Spotter McGee target partially obstructed.

The reason being these new eyes aren’t invested in my personal vision quest, bias or ego. And frequently, these new eyes will see something I do not. And in this case, it was pure genius. 

One of the SWAT snipers we had on property are the new eyes for this story. The guy, who will forever be known as “Spotter McGee” on these pages had a very good idea.

The Spotter McGee Target

Spotter McGee a more up-close view. BTW..the angle of the photo os much better than the angle the shooters see!

Looking down the ranges at some of the erosion control lanes, he didn’t see an obstacle that was in the way of the shooting. He saw an opportunity to create some challenging shots THROUGH the obstacle! 

Immediately I recognized the genius of his suggestion. And during the next cease fire, I ran down to this spot and setup exactly where he had suggested. 

The “Spotter McGee Target”. 





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