The Taliban SCAR-17 is Back

Photos and video have been making the rounds of Taliban fighters spotted with US Military equipment. Specifically a FDE SCAR-17 variant.

Citing open source intel, the US Military has acknowledged the loss of one SCAR-17 / SCAR-Heavy rifle. As I recall, that rifle first made it’s Taliban propaganda debut in 2015. At least that is what I think I remember. As for how? As I seem to recall, the official DOD statement was a rifle was lost / left behind during a causality evacuation under fire? If a reader can clarify some facts, please feel free in the comments below.

SCAR-17 & 16 Maker’s Stock Photo. 17 at bottom.

Since this latest SCAR sighting is getting some press, I will give you three possibilities of what we are looking at and let you be the judge:

  1. The Taliban has captured a second, unacknowledged, US Military SCAR-17 / SCAR-H.
  2. The Taliban being smart PR people, have intentionally just re-used their one existing SCAR for propaganda purposes.
  3. And finally, We have the first indications that the Pakistani Army is adopting the SCAR-17.

The last contingency is somewhat tongue-n-cheek. What I am really saying is the PAK army is getting SCARS on the international markets and “losing some” to the Taliban. If this doesn’t make any sense to you, in the future I will explain why Pakistan does what it does in geo-political terms.

Latest Propaganda video of Taliban SCAR-17.

So…Looking at the newly released image. Is this the same SCAR-17 or a new one? You be the judge. Personally I am betting on it being the same rifle.



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  • Short version. I think it’s the same rifle. Not a second rifle. —Marky

  • BigMike57

    Honestly I don’t understand the hooplah. It’s a SCAR. Yeah, it’s a sexy battle rifle, but it’s not even close to being unobtainium. With all the crazy happenings in the world, the Taliban having a SCAR seems to be very much in the column of “okay, and…?”

    Now if this were the rifles they captured from Marcus Luttrell’s team (the M4s that they released pictures of during the weeks after), that’d be interesting as hell. But a random SCAR?

    I don’t know man. I just don’t get it.

    • It’s a SOCOM TOE scar. In the grand scheme it’s NBD. But interesting for its obscurity nonetheless.


  • Mikial

    Having made a few trips into beautiful Afghanistan locals like Kandahar and Helmond, I have to go with option number 2. The Taliban are canny fellows and I would lay odds this is the same rifle being handed around for photo ops to demonstrate how clever they are and how they are beating the GOA forces and their US backers.

  • ReadyorNot

    What kind of optic is that thing sporting? I thought it was an ELCAN 1-4x at first, but on second glance, it doesn’t appear so. If that’s something the PAKMIL has adopted, then we have our answer..

    • ReadyorNot

      A TFB article from 2015 stated that the captured SCAR was missing its infamous cheek piece and it looks like it’s sporting the same optic. This one is missing it too and also sporting the same optic. Option 2 it is!