VP9 Frames For Sale. How Does This Happen?

Since we run VP’s as daily CCW guns, staff is always on the lookout for VP9 products, parts, holsters, etc. 

So when this popped up in an e-mail, I was left scratching my head. There seem to be some VP slides and frames for sale on the secondary market. 

How does this happen? 

My first thought is someone Kaboom’ed a gun. But there are multiple frames available. Also it appears these frames are new or almost new. Anyone who has actually carried a pistol every, single, day would likely agree. 

Maybe it has something to do with the aftermarket custom shops producing tricked out guns such as, “The Advocate” by Colion Noir? But I would think those packages use complete factory guns as a base. They don’t need a donor slide do they? 

HK VP9 Frames for sale. How does this happen?

Besides, modern striker guns like the Hk have the slide and frame serialized to match. Switching major components on this type of gun turns it into a “parts gun”. I don’t think too many gun owners would much care for that. 

So…it begets the question again: How does this happen? Where are these complete frames coming from? I am legitimately hoping someone educates me. 






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