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Relearning Malfunctions

Relearning Malfunctions
Relearning Malfunctions

Switching to a red-dot on my CCW gun has brought up an interesting development I hadn’t considered: Malfunction clearance drills. 

For going on 30 years I have performed pistol malfunction clearance drills in one of two ways: Slingshot from the rear of the slide. Or palm-over the rear of the side. 

With a RDS, that brings up two issues as I see it. First, I don’t want to mistakenly adjust a setting or brightness selection on my RDS. Second, while I understand using the SRO’s window as a giant cocking ledge is possible. I don’t know if putting a dirty, wet, muddy, bloody, gooey hand on the glass is a wise “goto” first move? 

Sure, it’s good the option is there. But just like charging with the GI plug, it’s more of a safe harbor in a storm. Not home base. 

The obvious solution is front cocking serrations. At least in the case of the Wilson. But…my two-celled lizard brain is defaulting to working the slide from the rear. 

So it’s time to start grabbing front cocking serrations dry. Over and over and over. After that reenforce the move by always admin loading the gun this same way.

With enough reps I should be able to overcome the lizard brain. 

[Note: This is also a new camera test. Which is why the quality is poor] 






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