Wilson EDC X9 Magazines 15 vs 18 rounds

Wilson EDC 15rd vs 18rd Magazine

After a recent video detailing some facts about the Wilson EDC X9L, I have received NUMEROUS follow-up inquiries. 

The two biggest questions are:

  1. Does the 18rd mag work with the first generation EDC X9? Yes. 
  2. Can I please show up-close images of the two magazines? Yes. 

So here you go. 


The only real differences I can see, besides the capacity are:

  1. The removal of some material at the top of the 18 rounder. I think this helps with loading by hand. 
  2. The addition of witness holes 2 & 3 on the 18 rd mag.
  3. An embossed rectangle on the 18rd body. I suspect this adds strength to the longer tube.






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