Monday, September 27, 2021
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The Golden Age of Holsters

While attending the 2019 NRA show, I saw a company that I haven’t thought about a very, very long time. Actually I wouldn’t have...

Testing a New Cover Garment…Dry

It’s not high-speed low drag, but successfully drawing a pistol, from concealment, not shooting your self, and getting a first shot hit on the...

Armory Chat EP 07

Quick video from the armory. The day before I am to head back out on the road I discover my main CCW holster is...

Video — This is a Good M&P Holster

Time for a update to a previous video: THIS IS A BAD M&P Holster. The main issue was the lack of tension in that...

The Keeper — My Daily CCW Holster

I occasionally get questions about what my preferred carry holster is. I purchased this some months ago and have been giving it a fair...

Larry Vickers Bans Appendix Carry For Un-vetted Students.

    The ass hurt over the LAV banning appendix carry is hilarious. If Larry Vickers doesn't want open enrollment classes to carry appendix, that's his...