Friday, September 24, 2021
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Target Transitions Geissele Trigger

Target Transitions – Geissele SD-3G Trigger

Freeze and I were out putting in some work. Nothing spectacular by social media standards. But we wanted to get a feel for the...
Gemtech Integra Still Chasing Function

Gemtech Integra – Still Chasing Function

Title says it all. Cheapammo sent over some Hornady Frontier 55g ammo for the Gemtech Integra.  It does run better. Which isn’t saying much. But...
My Reloads Suck. Practicing AR magazine reloads.

My Reloads Suck

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas? I did as well so no worries. I spent it working. Old habits don’t die.  As as the...
10 Hours in the range

10 Hours On The Range

This was a long day. The first half we hosted some shooters who were putting in their time.  What happens when they are done and...
Is Wolf Gold MILSPEC?

Is Wolf Gold Loaded to MILSPEC

So something funny happened with the Gemtech Integra. Wolf steel cased ammo runs, basically, perfectly. Wolf Gold, brass cased ammo, chokes. The Gemtech Integra is...
One Day at a Time - Breaking in the Gemtech Integra

One Day At a Time

New gear is new. New skills aren’t skills. They’re aspirations. The only way to overcome these limitations is to dive in and just work...
Freeze Holds the M16a4 FN Military Collector

Freeze Eyes the M16A4

Being a dyed in the wool MILSURP collector, I think this rifle ticks all the boxes for him. Modern enough for all the ergonomic...

CMMG 22 Conversion Kit – Second Generation

Previously we had published a video discussing a CMMG 22 kit we had purchased 9 year ago at SHOT. It didn’t run very well....

Cold Weather Range Shakedown

So…it was a 1 degree day with winds gusting from 15-20mph. And “Officer Mike” wanted to see the rifle range progress. And I wanted...

CMMG Replaces 22 Kit

This is a follow up to a post we made on social media in regards to some issues we were having making a CMMG...

Upside Down Gas Block

I had an AR build come across the workbench. The owner bought it from the guy who built it. I’m not sure when it...

AR Kaboom – What Happened?

This video was recently brought to my attention. I don’t know how long ago it happened or where?  I have seen many rifles ka-Boom. AR’s...

Chasing Function: Weasel Whacker

New project rolled onto the workbench. Right now its a “Jam-O-Matic”. I’m sure I can get things worked out.       Freeze. “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

BCM Upper Testing

A few weeks ago we showed a photo of Officer Mike’s patrol rifle. I was so impressed with it’s lightweight and handiness, we decided...

Video — Colt SP1 Upclose View

Ok. Since so many people wanted to see up-close images of the SP-1 put-together, here you go. You can clearly see the erosion at the...