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Blaser optics. Blaser binoculars. Blaser Rifle Scopes.

Blaser Optics

Some have asked me about Blaser optics. Or if I will be trying Blaser optics? In short: No.  IMO they are way too heavy. And...

EP143 – GRS Ragnarok Stock, AA-12 Update, Robar Closing

Episode 143 of the John1911 Podcast. GRS Ragnarok Chassis AA-12 Shotgun Update. Walmart who? Cory Booker dissed by girl friend. John1911 dissed by Blaser...
GRS Ragnarok Chassis First Impressions

GRS Ragnarok Blaser R8 Chassis

After months of waiting we finally have the much anticipated GRS Ragnarok chassis system in our hands.  This system with its folding stock and customizable...

Blaser Releases R8 22LR Kit

Some years ago, Freeze and I were attending the NRA show in Texas. I think it was Dallas? And during our visit, we stopped...

Benefits of a Sandbag with Rifles

This is a little trick I picked up quite a while ago. I always have 2 little “sandbags” with me when I am doing...

Episode 29 of the John1911 Podcast

In this episode of the John1911 podcast, Freeze and I discuss the following: 9th Circuit ruling on CCW Google busted skewing search results The...