Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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I Need A Bigger Case

Well…I have been putting this off for far too long. Ever since I switched to the Wilson EDC X9L pistol, with red dot, my...
M&P 9 Shield Plus

M&P Shield Plus

Doc stopped by The Armory showing off his new CCW toy: A double stack, M&P Shield known as the Shield Plus.  I have to say...

EP160 – Should I Switch Back to a 1911 CCW Gun?

Episode 160: Freeze and I have a frank discussion about some issues I have been having with the VP9, holsters and what my CCW pistol...

POTD — HK VP9 Glamour Shot

I had a chance to cross paths with a professional photographer the other day. He had the typical giant camera with an even bigger...

The Keeper — My Daily CCW Holster

I occasionally get questions about what my preferred carry holster is. I purchased this some months ago and have been giving it a fair...

Pulling Out The Backup CCW Glock 19

I travel quite a bit. Mostly by airplane. As such, checking luggage is simply a reality. When I made the switch back to Glocks...