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45-70 Hunting Negatives

45-70 Hunting — The Downside

    Officer Mike “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Browning Eurobolt Euro-Bolt 270 Winchester.

Browning Euro-Bolt 270

Browning Euro-Bolt 270 Editors note:  “Some readers commented in a previous post that Officer Mike’s hunting rifle looked like a shotgun and wondered the gauge and...
AR-15 Deer Hunting. 7.62x39.

Deer Gun Ready

AR-15 build. Chambered in 7.62x39. Distance 200 yards. 2020 Deer Season gun is ready.     Freeze “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Ohio Buck 2019 Gun Season

Ohio Buck 2019

2019 Ohio Gun Season.  1 buck & 2 doe.  Wild West 45-70 Co-Pilot  Old video showing the Wild West Co-Pilot 45-70 used: Officer Mike “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Broken Tine Buck Down

Broken Tine Down

Broken Tine spotted. Broken Tine sighted in.  Broken Tine down.  Broken Tine on the plate.    “Officer Mike” “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Trail Cam Bucks Opening Week 2019 John1911 Range

Trail Cam Bucks

Trail camera bucks on the John1911 range. Opening week, 2019. 700 yard impact area. Many doe.    “Officer Mike” “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Hiking the Range Looking for Poachers.

2019 Scouting

This has become an annual event. Scouting the range property looking for deer and poacher sign.  Rifle: Blaser R8. Caliber: 243. Chassis: GRS Ragnarok. ...
Deer Stand From Heaven

Deer Stand From Heaven

While checking trails on the property last week, the sun just happened to glint off a red object to my right. It looked like...

Limiting Com-Bloc Mags For Hunting

One of the states we hunt allow 7.62x39 as a legal rifle caliber. Unfortunately they have a maximum capacity of 10 rounds.  Those that hunt...

Freeze Won’t Give Me Any Deer Jerky

Have to admit, 2016 has been a pretty lean hunting year for us. We have hunted Ohio, Indiana and Montana and come up with...

POTD — Best Pic From Deer Camp 2016

Freeze sent this to me while I was in DC. I suspect on some unconscious level he was rubbing it in. And rightfully so....

POTD — Opening Day Gun Season

Made it a point to hunt Freeze’s property this year. Was hoping to break in the Wild West Co-Pilot with some meat. But alas,...

POTD — M1D Garand Deer Hunting

Interesting photo showed up on the internet this week. The owner of a M1D Garand sniper rifle had his MILSURP out in the Western...

2016 Chainsaw Party Highlights

The 2016 Chainsaw party has come and gone. Winter wood has been cut. For those of you new to the blog, the rule is:...

European Deer Skull Mount

I have a large box in my garage filled with deer racks. Some are small and some would consider them large but whenever I...