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French FAMAS Rifle Price Ceiling.

FAMAS Price Ceiling? 

Me following the price of FAMAS rifles has turned into somewhat a reoccurring theme around here. Probably a coping mechanism to assuage my guilt...
FAMAS Rifle Auction Price Record.

New FAMAS Auction Price Record

Special thanks to John G. For bringing this to my attention. Without him, I would have completely missed this auction.  Last night, on Gunbroker, a...

Iraqi Federal Police — Wasting US Tax Dollars

This image was sent out as a PR release this week. It shows Iraqi Federal Police on a training cycle. Looking closely I can...

Using Tape to Camouflage a Rifle

The photo is of French Troops in winter conditions with their FAMAS assault rifles and what I guess is a MAS FR F2 Sniper...
French Soldier Eiffel Tower

ISIS Attacks Paris

Paris attacks: Solidarity is fine. Hash-tag campaigns are fine. Everyone practicing, "viva la France'" in their best Charles Martel accent is fine. But until the civilized...
Colt 1903 on hood of Patrol Car.

PD Seize Colt Hammerless 32

Freeze shared this with me a few days ago. PD receives a 9-1-1 call about a road-rage incident claiming the assailant fired a weapon....