Monday, September 27, 2021
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FN 1922. FN Model 1922. FNH 380.

POTD – FN 1922

These old FN guns have an interesting and unique approach to ergonomics we don’t see much anymore. One wonders with modern 380 ammo, if...
SCAR 20 155g bullets

SCAR-20 155g Bullet Test

So Doc is finishing up his load testing with his new SCAR-20s. And the results with the 155g loads were eye opening.  I know FN...

It Snowed on the Range Today

Washington and politics and the media are just too much some days. It’s at moments like this I appreciate the penultimate universal right of...

Removing the SCAR Front Sight

The video below better explains the process for removing the factory SCAR front sight. The short version? Drive out the roll-pin on the right...

FN SmartCore SCAR Rifle Shot Counter

A buddy of mine is at the IDEX Arms Show in UAE this week. Knowing I am a SCAR rifle guy, he wanted to...

Video — Testing New Pig Load SCAR 17

A buddy of mine has a new hunting load developed for our 2017 Texas Pig Hunt. He knew I was benching some rifles testing...

Video — Checking Torque on SCAR-16

After complete disassembly of the SCAR-16, we took it out to conform the screw torque settings were holding. This is just a small segment...

Interesting SCAR PDW Stocks

Found these images recently and thought they were interesting. It seems more and more aftermarket options are coming out for the SCAR rifles. I...

Backwards Primer Caught on Video

A few months ago I posted an image of a friend of mine getting some time in on steel. His first shot was a...
Up close look of FNC on streets. Can see the rail upgrade and unusual magazine make.

The Guns of Belgium

With all the news coming out of Europe because of their radical Islam problem, I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk...

SCAR 17 Aftermarket Trigger

These are pictures from a friend's SCAR 17. He uses this rifle for precision shooting. A couple of years ago he was looking for...