Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Glock 35 GEN4 FDE

Fall Fashion Week: FDE Glock 35

We have a bunch of firearms in The Armory that don’t see much use or publicity. A while mess of Glocks actually. Here is...

The Melt Your Face Drill

Ok. Confession time. This isn’t really a drill. This is what most shooting actually is: Slow, Tedious, Administrative, or Repetitive shooting.  In this case, I...

Killing Time Installing Front Sights

Been stuck in the armory all day waiting for a delivery. I'm killing time but I can't get too deep into something that I...

Handguns Seen at 2016 Ft. Benning Sniper Challenge

I know the subject of issued military handguns is always a hot-button topic among most firearms enthusiasts. I suspect the reason for this isn’t...

Video — Second Strike And Why It Doesn’t Matter

There seems to be this persistent rumor on our social media properties that only a handgun with “second strike” or “double strike” capability will...

Sighting in Glocks

Like many of you, I am very busy. Between work and trainings, it can be hard to find time for the low priority to-do...