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AR-47 Build Pics

AR-47 Build Pictures

Some have asked to see static photos of Freeze’s AR-47 Deer-Buster gun. —Editor.   
ZB-26 Build

ZB-26 Build Update

      Matt www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Yugo M53 Parts Kit Analysis

Yugo M53 Parts Kit Analysis

Marky:  One more thing. How does this kit look to you?  I don’t know if I told you, but we did purchase a brand new 7.62...

ZB-26 Bead Blast

These pics show cleaning the cuts and media blasting.  So I can see what is going on. Once media blasted, a mock up is done....

HK G36E Build

They aren’t ZB pics but thought you might like since it’s not an everyday build! H&K G36E. Used Tommy Built Receiver. Parts are all HK     Sincerely,  Matt www.John1911.com “Shooting...

CETME-L Parts Kit

Posted some photos about this on social media and had some folks wanting to see the kit. It seems the man questions people have...

Reader’s Sten Build

Marky & Freeze, Just wanted to follow-up on the Sten project since you guys sent me that template a few months ago.  After doing some research,...

MAS-38 Parts Kit Analysis 

So…I have been looking for a MAS-38 for sometime. Every once in a while I think about just building one. Here is Matt and...

POTD – MG42 7.62 Barrel

Quick project update. And something of a lesson. Since we started publishing info on various builds and projects in the armory, the number one...

Sig Pe57 (510-4) Parts Kit Analysis

A functional 510-4 can go for 6k plus so it’s definitely worth considering. My biggest concern is that the receiver was already de-milled repaired/welded then...

SAA – AR-15 Lower

Some have asked for pictures of my SAA lower for the AR pistol build. I will keep you updated on what I think of...