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Old man shooting.

73 Years Young

Doc on the range working on some pistol skills. Did you notice he even shot weak handed? Also good to keep that experience in...
RDS Pistol Offset

RDS Offset Is Real

See these pics? They are of bullets crashing into the tops of VTAC barricades. And you want to know who is responsible?  Me. Sucks to write...

Retention Holster Work

The best way for me to get used to a retention holster is to practice using it while actually trying to do something else:...

Getting The Hard A

A habit I got into many, many years ago was to document my range sessions or any shooting. The primary reason was to get...

One-Reload-One 9mm 1911

Trying to shake down the Ed Brown 9mm AND get back up to speed on running a 1911 safety. So while this drill isn’t...
Always Save the Mojo. Pistol drills.

Always Save The Mojo

Outtake from a range session this weekend.  It’s goofy.  It’s short. And most of you it will be lost on.  However…I thought it was a good opportunity to...
Falling Plate Rack Shooting

Glock 45 vs HK VP9 Trash Talk

“Officer Mike” and I were at the range testing out the falling plate rack.  What started off as spall and bullet deflection testing, slowly turned...