Monday, September 27, 2021
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HK P9S Initial Cleaning

HK P9S Cleaning

After function testing and shooting the police trade-on P9S, it’s time to give it a cleaning.  Certainly a unique pistol with an uncommon locking system....
HK VP9 17rd Magazine

VP9 17rd Magazines

HK has finally introduced 17rd magazines for their VP9 / P30 series of pistols. You can tell a 17rd mag by either the 17...
HK P9S Police Surplus.

HK P9S Police Surplus

Centerfire Systems was blowing out some foreign police surplus pistols. The HK P9S.  Don’t know much about these, but the price was too good to...
3 second par time. HK Vp9. Shot timer.

3 Second Par Time

Blowing the dust off the VP9 and playing with a 3 second par time. And the video tells the tale: I need to work...
HK VP9 17rd Magazines.

HK VP9 17rd Magazines

HK is now shipping 17 round mags direct to customers. They seem just as well made as the 15rd models. Other than the round...
VP9 in Travel Case

Crisis Averted

So recently I had to run out of town for some meetings. And about an hour before I was supposed to leave, I had...
HK 17rd Optics Ready

VP9 17rd Magazines & RDS Cuts

Well…this “new” Heckler & Koch business model that pays attention to the US market is coming at us fast.  First they made a US style...
Real Life CCW Guns. HK Vp9. Hybrid Holster

Real Life CCW Guns

Occasionally when I surf the inter-webs I see photos “supposedly” showing folks’ daily CCW guns. Not sure how they manage to carry their guns...
HK VP9-L HK VP9 Longslide


So while at NRA this year, I happened to see two complete, factory HK VP9L pistols. The standard VP9L with the paddle mag release...

POTD – Knocking the Stupid Off

Knocking the stupid off my gun. This has been on my CCW for a few weeks since I’ve been too busy to take it...

HK VP9 Wear Update

Someone wanted to see a video of the VP9 Wear instead of photos. you go. I haven't checked my record, but I "think"...

Video — Full Speed – Slow Speed Video Test

Full Speed - Slow Speed video test. It is interesting to see your own hands under recoil to pick out every little nuance. Also...

Why I Didn’t Spend Big Money on a G36 Conversion

It has been announced by some US dealers that Heckler & Koch (HK) is bringing some of their MP5 semi-auto based pistols into the...

Video: HK VP40 Is Now Available

The HK VP40 is now out. As many of you know, we are huge fans of the VP9 (so far). I see the 40...