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SHS 23- 1927 Tula Mosin-Nagant Rifle

We can’t feature second hand guns without eventually running across a Mosin-Nagant rifle. Why? Because they made about 37 million of them (37,000,000).  What particularly...

Can I use my MILSURP Sniper in a Class?

This question came in recently. I suspect it was prompted by the decision to get Freeze into a modern bolt action rifle for use...

A $5000 Mosin Nagant Rifle?

There has been some hubbub and debate over a recent sale on Gunbroker. It seems a US Military Marked Mosin Nagant Rifle has sold...

Cracked 1944 Finnish Mosin Nagant Getting Ready For Coyote Hunting.

As some of you are aware, Freeze at one time was a very large Mil-Surp collector. Specializing in WW I and WW II firearms...