Friday, September 24, 2021
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Pistol Box Drill

Old Man Runs Box Drill

It’s 97 degrees and every time I run, the damn PACT timer falls off! So even though there is not timer, at least I...
Old man shooting.

73 Years Young

Doc on the range working on some pistol skills. Did you notice he even shot weak handed? Also good to keep that experience in...

Overcoming Trigger Freeze

So while focusing on mastering The Bill Drill, I started to notice some trigger freeze at speed. So in order to address that, and...

Empty Chamber Slide Drop – How It Happens

1911: Empty Chamber Slide Drop - How It Happens I have noticed a sudden uptick of interest in a video we made a few years...

EP160 – Should I Switch Back to a 1911 CCW Gun?

Episode 160: Freeze and I have a frank discussion about some issues I have been having with the VP9, holsters and what my CCW pistol...
Falling Plate Rack Shooting

Glock 45 vs HK VP9 Trash Talk

“Officer Mike” and I were at the range testing out the falling plate rack.  What started off as spall and bullet deflection testing, slowly turned...

Ghetto Dot Torture Drill

So…a few weeks back we had a new LE friend of ours stop by the range and want to work pistols. It turned out...

WWII 1911 Training Standards

With all the high speed, low drag training facilities and "Operator /Experts" out there. It's good to take a step back in time and...

Video — One Handed Shooting HK VP9

I am a big proponent of one handed and weak hand shooting. Without getting into all the reasons, the next time you see video...

Setting Up Slide-Lock Reload Drills

I have two ways I generally setup reloading drills on pistols. My preferred way is to put a single round on one magazine and...