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POTD - SIG P220 Elite

POTD – SIG P220 Elite

We had a cop show up a few weeks ago carrying a SIG P227. That is a 45ACP chambered pistol. He expressed a desire...
HK P9S Initial Cleaning

HK P9S Cleaning

After function testing and shooting the police trade-on P9S, it’s time to give it a cleaning.  Certainly a unique pistol with an uncommon locking system....
Shooting S&W 5906 Pistol

S&W 5906 Musings 

Freeze and I were playing with a LEO trade-in 5906. Obviously we need to work in that DA/SA transition. But that would come with...
S&W 5906 Police Trade-in 9mm Pistol

S&W 5906 Police Trade-In

I have a new project. A rough S&W 5906 police issued 9mm pistol. While it may look rough to the casual observer, we can...

POTD – S&W 1006 

I recently have been taking another look at some of the old S&W pistols. To be honest, I was never really a fan of...

POTD — Beretta 92D Police Trade-In 

Take delivery of a Beretta 92D. The DAO version of the venerable M9 pistol. And the question is asked, “Are we sure it’s a...

Snowy Day Training with S&W 64-4

In this age of striker-fired handguns, it’s easy to dismiss the double action handguns. But that is a mistake. It has been my personal...