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300 Win Mag Brass Cleaning

300 Win Mag Brass

There are 280 three hundred Win Mag brass that are de-primed and ready for a date with the FART (Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler).  Once...
Clean Primer Pocket

Reloading: Don’t Skip Primer Pocket

Reloading: Don’t Skip Primer Pocket Clean those primer pockets. Even after you tumble them. Carbon build up in the left. Corncob media in the right.    Doc www.John1911.com “Shooting...
KET Brass Deflector

KET Brass Deflector Follow-up

KET sent us another brass deflector. It seems they DO currently make a 34mm scope tube attachment. It just was not included in our...

Time to Give Up The Progressive?

There is nothing wrong with progressive presses. Any problems with reloading are more often than not, “software issues”. Speaking of issues, This is the 3rd...