Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Rhodesian A5 Shotgun.

Rhodesian A5 Shotgun

Some folks on Facebook saw we have a Rhodesian Army, Browning A5 shotgun and inquired about it.  These were ordered through FN in Belgium. Shipped...

Rhodesian A5 Shotgun Pictures on Range

A few months back, I posted some videos of us testing a Rhodesian A5 shotgun. Turns out, I was derelict in my duties and...
a5 broken down

Cleaning the Rhodesian A5 Shotgun

I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while. Many of you are aware of the special run of A5 shotguns that FNH...

Video: Testing The Rhodesian Army Shotgun

Testing the Rhodesian Army Shotgun   First shots with the Rhodesian Army A5 Shotgun made by browning. It's a 7+1 12 gauge. The shells used for...

African Bush Wars – Rhodesian Shotgun

Here is a very uncommon shotgun. It is a Browning A-5 / Auto-5 action, but with a factory original extended magazine tube and fore...