Friday, September 24, 2021
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Russian Sniper In The Open

Russian Sniper in The Open

This title is a little pushy. I’m sure some of you thought this was going to be a photo from Syria or Ukraine. Or...

Trying to Beat the Rain – Russian Sniper 

0 do you spend time waiting for a bulldozer to show up for backstop work? Well for me, it’s getting stuff off my to...

Can I use my MILSURP Sniper in a Class?

This question came in recently. I suspect it was prompted by the decision to get Freeze into a modern bolt action rifle for use...

POTD – Russian Sniper Rifle Testing

POTD - Russian Sniper Rifle Testing Some quick pictures from the range today. We were filming the answer to a question a viewer asked. So...

Video — Two Russian Snipers

Two Russian Snipers. Same year manufactured. Different personalities. Be it a 1911 or a brand new AR, every weapon exhibits particular traits that make it...

Russian Troops Capture Mosin Sniper in Syria

War is a funny thing. It is always a wonder, for both sides, what weapons turn up. In this case it is reported that...

Russian Mosin-Nagant Sniper Giveaway Rifle

 Click Here to Enter Mosin-Nagant Sniper Giveaway             Click Here to Enter Mosin-Nagant Sniper Giveaway

Setting up Mitchell’s Range

On a snowy day in March, we decided to set up a quick and easy steel range. Many of the ranges we shoot at...