Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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The Pencil Trick

This is an old trick I have had in repertoire for more than 2 decades. The Pencil Trick.  In short, how do you confirm or...

White Wilson Grips

Some of you have noticed the white Wilson grips on the eXperior 1911. And even a few have asked how did we got those? The...

Tailgate Lubing a 1911

Everyone understands a traditional 1911 takes a little more maintenance and upkeep to keep in running shape. Especially when compared to modern striker guns....

eXperior Trigger Control

The trigger on the Wilson eXperior is much “crispier” than on the EDC X9L. It’s been about a decade since I ran such a...

Dry Testing 1911 Magazines

In the bad old days, it seemed like keeping 1911s running was a part-time job with all the spring changes, extractor tensioning and magazine...

eXperior 1911 AIWB Diagnostics

Playing with a single stack 1911. Wanted to see how it goes drawing, shooting and reloading in my EDC format.  The eXperior seems very nice....

Wilson eXperior First Shots

So…after the astounding success of the Wilson EDC X9L pistol, I was curious if a single-stack version of the gun was available? It was...

Rock Island First Shots

Freeze picked up a used RIA 1911 just as the COVID-19 thing was beginning to take hold. Being deemed an essential worker, he has...