Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Cheap Dueling Tree

Used Dueling Tree

Have you ever purchased “used” steel targets before? I haven’t. Actually I haven’t seen used ones for sale before this.  So today we had to...

Anonymous Benefactor Steel 

So…we’ve been getting alerts from the Post Master that we needed to stop by the loading dock for a pickup. Urgently. Frankly with the...

T-Post Target Hangers

So…on the 100, 200, 300 yard targets, I have decided to go with larger silhouette type steel. That means they are heavy. I am...

New 100 Yard Zero Range

One thing I figured out over the past year was we didn’t have a good place to zero a rifle at 100 yards. Sure....

Range Update: Steel Target on T-Post

We had an issue with one of the steel target designs I have selected for the new rifle range. Bottom line, the stand sold...

Wanna Shoot My New Steel Targets?

While working on the new range, I took a break from trail cutting to play with some of the new steel that showed up...