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10 Steyr AUG Mags

And Then There Were Ten

Steyr AUG mags that is. Since we finally scored a white Steyr, the need for mags has come to the fore. Well…after looking around,...
White Steyr AUG

POTD – White Steyr AUG

So after some years of talking, we picked up a White Steyr AUG for the reference collection. For those wondering, this is the “Steyr...

POTD — White Steyr AUG

If I ever get an AUG, I'm opting for the Arctic version. Why? Because, "White Steyr" sounds like a cool rock band from the 80's.   Marky John1911.com “Shooting Guns...

Rumor that EF88 / F90 Coming to US Market

There is a rumor circulating out of the 2016 NRA meeting that Lithgow Arms, the maker of the latest version of the famous Steyr...

The One That Got Away

Every so often in the business of gun writing you send back a gun that you wish you had bought instead. When I worked...

Terror Attack in Tunisia and How a Civilian Can Be Prepared.

    Photographs of the Tunisian beach gunman either right before or during the attack. Witnesses say he hid his rifle in an umbrella. Included is...