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Steyr-Hahn 1912 Disassembly

Steyr-Hahn / Steyr 1912 Assembly and disassembly instructions.  Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”  

POTD – Steyr Hahn 1912 9mm Luger

So…you thought this photo is a repeat did ya? Nope! This is a photo we took at the Cody Firearms Museum.  Why? Because we have...

Will Steyr-Hahn Stripper Clips Feed Modern 9mm? 

I’ll keep it short. We have this pistol. A Steyr-Hahn. Made in 9mm Steyr by the Austro-Hungarian Empire around 1912. The Germans got a hold...

Steyr Hahn Holster

This was supposed to be a shooting video, but unfortunately the stripper clips did not come in. What stripper clips, you might ask?  Sarco is...

1912 Steyr-Hahn P08 Initial Testing and Video

The more some things change, the more they stay the same. What am I talking about you ask? If you were to poll most...

POTD: Steyr Hahn P08 & Luger P08

I don’t like guns I can’t shoot. Some are too valuable to shoot since they are NRA 99% original. Others are too expensive to...

Rare Austro-Hungarian Army Training Video For Steyr-Hahn Pistol

Our resident historian recently found an old Austro-Hungarian Army training video on the manual of arms for the WWI Steyr Hammer pistol. AKA the...

POTD: Steyr-Hahn P08 Pistol, KA-BAR, Surefire

I was out test firing a Steyr-Hahn pistol and found it to be a blast. Obviously compared to modern handgun technology, there are issues....