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US DOD M17 PQDR Report

Full Report — M17-M18 Safety Failures

There is a bulletin floating around various US Military commands about problems being seen with the new service pistol. In particular, they are seeing...
Wilson P320 Grip Module texture.

POTD – Wilson M17 Grip Module

Doc stopped by The Armory one day for some business and brought his Sig M17 outfitted with the Wilson Combat Grip module.  —Editor    
SIG P320 M17 & Camera Test

M17 Pistol & Camera Test

Doc and I were out at the range getting some things done.  Nothing serious. Just for fun.  Lite range maintenance. Pistol practice. Shooting his new US Army M17...
DOC Buys a SIG M17

POTD – Doc Buys a M17

Doc bought a M17 today. Don’t tell his daughters, but he broke quarantine to sneak off to the gun store! Hahahahaha. —Editor     

Remington Rand M1911

I saw this pistol in my local gunshop a little while ago. And while I am an old 1911 guy from way back in...