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The Old Man And The Fortee

The Old Man and the Fortee
The Old Man and the Fortee

One thing about Doc and handguns is he always shoots the same gun. The Smith & Wesson M&P in 40 S&W. I don’t know exactly when he went to 40, but it’s fair to assume it happened when 40 was, “The Thing” in law enforcement. 

Time marches on. The 40 has fallen. And the 9 has risen. But why should Doc change with the times? He shoots his 40 just fine. Reloads almost all his handgun ammo. And gets the job done.

Special note: The shots you are seeing are his first of the day. Including the reload. Anyone who shoots and trains a lot understands it’s the first shots of the day that separate the wheat from the chaff. 

Anybody can warm up and get 30% better. But when it counts, you’ll most likely be shooting cold. The Old Man And the Fortee keep making 72 look young. 






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