Winchester 52C Photo Gallery

One of the neatest rifles I have ever picked up from an estate sale is a Winchester 52C. What made this particular rifle special was it came with both Redfield peep-sights and a Unertl scope. I won’t bore our readers with the legendary accuracy of the Winchester 52. Many of you know. But when I first picked this up, many readers expressed interest in seeing detailed photos.

As best as I can figure this 22 sat in storage for 30 years. Notice the old school airline travel case? Anyone have confidence in that design for today’s air travel?! If you want to read more about shooting the 52c, click this link here.


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  • Scott Mayer

    Nice job on the photos!

  • Brennen Munro

    I used one of these while shooting on a rifle team in high school. Aside from head to head matches, we would often compete in NRA “mail in” your target matches that were proctored by an approved NRA match judge. I can say with a touch of pride that we often finished in the top 10, even going up against schools like the Service Academies, VMI, the Citadel, and a host of other colleges. I have wonderful memories of shooting that rifle, and would love to someday get another, but I have to add that it is not really that high on the priority list. Yours looks great, and I am confident that if it is not damaged then it should serve you well in any competitions you find yourself in! Thanks for the trip down memory lane…

  • Conner

    I have to say that is one very impressive looking little rifle. The wood to steel fit seems to be high quality. What a great find! I was just talking with my brother the other day regarding these old bolt action .22 rifles and how we’ve always taken for granted the fact that they are such awesome tack drivers. These were what we hunted rabbits and coyotes with as kids. Seems everyone grew up with a .22 bolt action and a shotgun back then. I just finished refurbishing an old Ranger 22 rifle that I was given because it was pretty much a gonner. I took it out to my friends ranch last week to test shoot with some others and true to form it’s a fine shooter. It has a 23″ barrel and is fed by a tube magazine. It must have been a Friday rifle because it’s stamped as a model 101.12, but everything I’ve seen on this number model is for a Ranger .410. Interesting. Also interesting is that after looking at your ’52 I took down the Ranger and looked at the furniture fit. You can really tell the difference in quality between your Winchester and my Ranger. It’s not from sanding because these are square cuts that were never fitted to the barrel. If I remember correctly these were “drugstore” rifles made by Marlin. If this old man can ever figure it out again I’ll post some pictures. I’ve done it before but I need retraining every time. Thanks for the pictures and the bolt removal lesson. Take care.