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Aimpoint 6x Project

Aimpoint 6x Project

After taking a LE carbine course, I determined the need for some magnification on my truck gun. A BCM Keymod upper.  Additionally the GEMTECH Integra...
AimPoint 6x Magnifier

AimPoint 6x Magnifier

Those who have followed the podcast have heard about me getting my ass kicked, rank wise, in a Sheriff of Baghdad carbine class.  I knew...
Safari Selous Blaser R8 Barrel. 300WM.

WTT – Blaser R8 Selous 300WM Barrel For AimPoints

Ok. I am in need of some AimPoint red dots. We need two of them. They must be a T2, H2's or Comp M5's....
ACOG & CompM2

POTD – ACOG & AimPoint CompM2

As we referenced in the podcast, an ACOG and CompM2 have come into the armory. More on these optics and why we picked them...

Witness Marks on Screws

Gang, I use a simple sharpie marker in silver color. This generally isn't in an area that gets a large amount of friction, so there's...

Aimpoint AR-Ready Micro Sight

Aimpoint announced the addition of a new line of pre-mounted Micro T-2 and Micro H-2 sights that are immediately ready for use on AR-15...

Vepr 12 with Bushnell Red-dot Sight

One of the issues many people have with the modern gold-standard of red-dot sights (AimPoint IMO) is the price. The latest iterations of the...