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POTD - Stay Zeroed My Friends T-shirt. Blaser Tactical 2. Police Sniper.

POTD – Stay Zeroed – Customer Shirt

Special thanks to the person who sent us this picture with the new Stay Zeroed t-shirt. You know who you are.  The rifle is a...
Blaser Tactical 2

Bore-Sighting a Blaser

I don’t, generally, have to re-zero rifles from scratch. But when I do, doing it on a Blaser is pretty easy. From the clear...
Steiner 5-25 Military Scope Zero Adjustment.

Adjusting Steiner 5-25 Military Scope

This is a painful video to make and even more painful article to write. I have to present the issue in two ways: Scope...
Blaser Tactical 2 Aftermarket Barrel. J. Sip & Sons. 308.

First Shots – Blaser Tactical 2 Aftermarket Barrel 

Most of you will find this video dull and uneventful. What I am doing is shooting the J. Sip & Sons Blaser Tactical 2...
Blaser Tactical 2 Aftermarket Barrel

Blaser Tactical 2 Aftermarket Barrels

I hinted around about this on social media and now it’s official. We are T&E’ing some Blaser Tactical 2 barrels from J. Sip &...
Blaser Tactical 2 stock design.

Blaser Tactical 2 Forend Design

This comes up quite a bit. The question is why is the Blaser Tactical 2 stock shaped like that?  Well…the fully exposed barrel is to...
Blaser Tactical 2 Bipod Attachment. Blaser UIT Rail. Blaser Anschutz Rail

Attaching Bipod on Blaser Tactical 2

The Blaser Tactical 2, LRS2, LRS1 and CISM rifles utilize a common accessory system known as UIT or the Anschutz Rail.  I purchased a small...
Blaser Tac2 Mag Pouch

Blaser Tactical 2 Magazine Pouches

Had a someone reach out looking for mag pouch options for his Blaser Tactical 2. Thought about it and figured I better get this...
Blaser Tactical 2 Single Loading.

Blaser Tactical 2 — Single Loading

With the ever decreasing supply of Blaser Tactical 2 magazines, I get asked variations of the same question: Can I use X mag to...
Blaser Magazine Research

Blaser Tactical Magazine Analysis

Can’t post too much on this. But we occasionally get private messages about this subject. Since we can’t address specifics, all I can show...
Strap Wrench being used to remove thread protector. Blaser Tactical 2.

Strap-Wrench Is a Must

If you are going to shoot threaded barrels or suppressors in any kind of volume? We highly recommend you keep a strap wrench handy.  I...
Blaser Tactical 2 Training Day 155g 308

Personal Training Day

Had the Blaser Tactical 2 out. 308 barrel on. Shooting some of Doc’s 155g hand-loads.  This was a personal training session so I didn’t film...
Blaser Tactical Law Enforcement Buy

Blaser Tac 2 Law Enforcement Buy

It has been brought to my attention that a US based police department is negotiating a ONE-TIME buy for Blaser Tactical 2 barrels. These would...
Blaser Tactical 2 SWAT Protest Overwatch

Blaser Tac 2 Protest Overwatch

With all the Marxist violence that has been taking place across the country, our nation’s SWAT teams have been very busy. Why you ask?  Simple....
Good Day. Bad Day. Same Day.

Good Day, Bad Day, Same Day

So a few days ago, Freeze and I were discussing something he has been forced to wrap his head around: Bad video.  When you shoot...