Monday, September 27, 2021
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Lost & Found: Dropped Gun in parking lot.

Have You Ever Lost Your Gun?

This photo was sent in by one of our executive team. This was not at our office. The gun pictured is not ours. And...

Getting Ready for a Meeting

So...maybe I had to cobble together some Glock mag pouches to make this work? Who's gonna know? Not the guys at security…. Marky "Shooting Guns &...

A New Tactic Against Open Carry Advocates –Swatting

Word has been spreading that the anti-gun statists have a new trick up their sleeve against the Open Carry movement: Swatting. In case you...

The Keeper — My Daily CCW Holster

I occasionally get questions about what my preferred carry holster is. I purchased this some months ago and have been giving it a fair...

Open Carry – By Scott Mayer

“You know what’s great about being in Arizona?” I asked my 9-year old daughter. “What’s that, Dad?” she asked. “Look at that man’s belt,” I said. “What?”...

HK VP9 First Impressions — By Amy Serrano

Editor's note: Amy Serrano is a regular on our Facebook Page if you have any questions about the VP9. She can also be reached...
Joseph Wilcox Walmart Shooting

The Arrogance Of The Trained.

  The Shooting of the two Police Officers and the subsequent shooting in Walmart have just happened. This post addresses something that has been bothering...