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Coyote Hunting Perch

Coyote Hunting Perch

While working on the range barn, I was hit with an idea like a bolt of lightening. Why not put a small door in...
Coyote Cull Chicken farm.

Col. Sanders’ Coyote Cull

Officer Mike is always down to share “some” pics of his culling gig. Yes, this is part of his job.  When a friend (Colonel Sanders)...
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Coyote Down

Gotta keep them predators away from your chickens and goats during the COVID-19 pandemic. Officer Mike is still at it. —Editor     Officer Mike www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having...
The Coyote Wars

The Coyote Wars

Mike shares with us one of his recent Coyote culls. He doesn’t allow most pics to be published. But trust me, he is slaying...

I’d Rather Be Shot

It’s inevitable: When I post a story about hunting, we get some blowback. The complaints and accusations are always filled with logical fallacies and...
Deer caracas boneyard

POTD: The Boneyard

Just a quick picture of the day. Freeze is a very accomplished hunter. So much so, he processes his own deer every season. As...

Cracked 1944 Finnish Mosin Nagant Getting Ready For Coyote Hunting.

As some of you are aware, Freeze at one time was a very large Mil-Surp collector. Specializing in WW I and WW II firearms...