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Might tweak Edger Sherman Designs ESD Sling.

Might Tweak The Rifle Sling

Blowing the dust off some basic skills since shooting has been limited with all the range construction.  Starts off slow, but I get back in...
Gemtech H4 Buffer Test. Barnes H4 Buffer.

Gemtech H4 Buffer Test

Just as the title says. We have a Barnes H4 buffer in the gun with a Springco Blue (+15%) buffer spring. If you look...
Strike Industries - Angled Vertical Grip

Strike Industries – Angled Vertical Grip

The sudden need for the AR project this summer has also brought into focus the need for more control of the gun. Looking at...
Geissele Super 42 H@ Buffer Test

Geissele Super 42 H2 Buffer Test

OK. So it’s time to test and see of this integrally suppressed upper is over gassed. This is with the H2 buffer and it...
Geissele Super 42 Buffer

Geissele Super 42 Buffer Upgrade

Been A LOT of workbench posts lately, but maintaining and completing projects necessitates that.  The Gemtech Integra upper has shown some signs of being under-sprung....
Gemtech Integra Sing Setup.

Gemtech Integra Sling Setup 2023

Ok. Time to get a sling on this rifle. Still using the Edger Sherman product. Also instead of using the QD mounts up front,...
Trying the splits with the Geissele SD-3G trigger.

Geissele Trigger Splits

Picking the Gemtech Integra project back up. And that means running the Geissele SD-3G trigger. Well for me that takes practice. This is what...
Video Short - Gemtech Integra Run & Gun

Video Short – Gemtech Integra VTAC Run

So we have the film guys back out in the range trying to pickup where we left off last year. Been shooting the Gemtech...
Gemtech Integra 556

Gemtech Integra Coming Back

This project has languished for 3 years. The Gemtech Integra upper. Well it’s time to move it up and get it running right. So...
Thoughts on Suppressed 22 AR's.

Thoughts: Suppressed 22 AR’s

Thoughts: Suppressed 22 AR’s Recently there has been a surge of interest in suppressed 22 AR rifles. I believe this is because a dedicated 22...
Shooting GEMTECH Integra baffle stack loose.

Shooting Baffle Stack Loose

So what do you do when you can’t get the baffle stack out of your integrally suppressed AR? Easy. Go shoot it some more,...
Gemtech Integra Still Chasing Function

Gemtech Integra – Still Chasing Function

Title says it all. Cheapammo sent over some Hornady Frontier 55g ammo for the Gemtech Integra.  It does run better. Which isn’t saying much. But...
10 Hours in the range

10 Hours On The Range

This was a long day. The first half we hosted some shooters who were putting in their time.  What happens when they are done and...
Checking the Integra for rocks.

Integra Rock Test

After the Great-Rock-Lock of 2019, just needed to make sure the Gemtech Integra didn’t also pickup a rock during mag changes.  All is well.  Marky john1911.com “Shooting Guns...
Aimpoint 6x Project

Aimpoint 6x Project

After taking a LE carbine course, I determined the need for some magnification on my truck gun. A BCM Keymod upper.  Additionally the GEMTECH Integra...