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Blaser R8 GRS Ragnarok Chassis Folding Stock.

Folded Rifle with Suppressor

Reason number 600 why I enjoy the GRS Ragnarok chassis. With the suppressor still attached and a full length barrel, I can fold the...
GRS Ragnarok Chassis Features Overview

GRS Ragnarok Overview of Features

  Ok. We have had some time with and behind the GRS Ragnarok chassis and are really impressed. This system is a major upgrade for...
GRS Ragnarok Hog Saddle

GRS Ragnarok Rides in a Hog Saddle

Being a Blaser guy used to mean always being behind the curve when it comes to all the cool kid gear. So much so...
GRS Ragnarok Chassis Install

GRS Ragnarok Chassis Install

This is a step-by-step process on how to install a Blaser R8 receiver block into a GRS Ragnarok chassis.  The only special tool you will...
GRS Ragnarok Chassis First Impressions

GRS Ragnarok Blaser R8 Chassis

After months of waiting we finally have the much anticipated GRS Ragnarok chassis system in our hands.  This system with its folding stock and customizable...

GRS Ragnarok Chassis

It appears we have a 3rd chassis now on the market for the Blaser R8 rifles. This one coming out of Norway. The GRS...