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Frank Proctor Sling - Way Of The Gun

Sling – 551a1

I have neglected accessorizing the SIG 551 for long enough. Over the next few weeks, I will start to change that. Today…was the start...
GRS Rifle Stocks Bipod

GRS Bipod – It’s Not Small

So…the question or concern I have about all underslung bipods is, “It is too small?”. And the answer to that is, no! You see, I...
Gas Adjustment Tool

Rusted FAL Tool

I am posting this as kind of a reality check. Sometimes I wonder how the reader viewers things around here.  “Those fancy people with all...
Keep Those Cans Tight. SCAR-20

Keep Those Cans Tight – SCAR-20

Doc sent these over from the range. Shooting his SCAR-20. 100 yards. —editor     Doc www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
You shoot the chains? You buy the chains!

POTD – 27 Feet of Chain

Well…if one is going to shoot the chain hanging targets? It’s incumbent on me to make sure we have enough chain stock on property...
7.5x55 GP11 Ammo first shots out to 520 yards.

7.5×55 at 520 Yards

So after getting the custom barrel zeroed, I figured a shot at 520 yards with the K31 “try DOPE” was in order.  What is, “Try...
The Truth About The NEOMAG

The Truth About The NEOMAG

Yeah, we’ve been playing with one of these for a little over a month. But I have somehow neglected to make any reference to...
Broken Tine Buck Down

Broken Tine Down

Broken Tine spotted. Broken Tine sighted in.  Broken Tine down.  Broken Tine on the plate.    “Officer Mike” www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
4 Steel Plate 450 - 500- 600 Yards

4” Steel at Range

So…your gun shoots 1/2 MOA all day long? Good. Now hit these 4” steel plates with one shot. At 450 yards. 500 yards. And...
SHS-54: Smith & Wesson 41

SHS-54: Smith & Wesson Model 41

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase we are looking at a legendary target gun. The Smith & Wesson Model 41. IMO what ...

Anonymous Benefactor Steel 

So…we’ve been getting alerts from the Post Master that we needed to stop by the loading dock for a pickup. Urgently. Frankly with the...

Glock 45 In Armory

So we recently had a new Glock 45 pass through the armory. This example belongs to a non-public staff member. At this point I...