Sunday, September 19, 2021
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9-11 Museum in NYC. 9-11 Memorial.

9-11 Memorial NYC

Early in 2018, I had a chance to swing by the 9-11 memorial in New York. If you ever find yourself in the area,...

Armory Chat 44: Khyber Pass Rifle & War Rug

We have this new, but faked to look old, Khyber Pass Martini Henry Rifle. You can barely call it a gun as I’m sure...

WW1 German Helmet Found in Afghanistan

War and history are indelibly intertwined. Which is why many times those who are deep into the firearms culture are also students of history....

Mustard Gas Injuries

It was reported this week that a US Military compound in Iraq - Syria was shelled with Mustard Gas. While not what I consider...

Media Bias and the War on Terror

One of these pictures is not like the other. All three are kids. All three are victims. Two are Syrian. One is French. If you are picking up what...

22 Caliber SAW Trainer

While I was traveling down south, I stopped in a Army Surplus Store. Now this isn’t your average, run of mill, surplus shop. The...

Heavy Duty Prius

So I had pulled off the highway to fill my tank. And while I was standing there, a guy at the next pump started...

Video – Turkish M-60 Tank Survives Hit by Modern ATGM

Some of my old USMC tanker friends will probably enjoy this story. The Turkish military still operates some surplus American made M-60 tanks. They...

POTD: Jihadi Protects His Junk

This photo is out of Syria. In it we see a Jihadi who is concerned with the afterlife. It seems he doesn't want to...

Shooting a Suicide Bomber -The One Way Trip

With all the news that has been coming out of Europe over the past few weeks, I have received some inquires about the current...

The No Fly List Is a Lie

Be very careful if you support the latest feel-good proposals about using the No-Fly-List to restrict gun rights. 1. Let's be honest. What is the...
MSG. Joshua Wheeler, USA. KIA

A “Nobody” From Oklahoma: The Career of MSG. Joshua Wheeler

"Sweet Mother of God. Would you look at that?", a co-worker mumbled as he handed me a copy of MSG. Wheeler's official DoD photo. "Yeah,...

Fake Iraqi AK Rifles

Here's another pro-tip for the home-gamers. Buy the gun, not the story. These are not "Iraqi AK's", dude. They aren't. If you buy one,...

Report: Taliban Chief Killed Two Years Ago

It's being reported that Mullah Omar the leader of the Taliban at the time of the 9-11 attacks was killed by rival factions 2...