Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Howa 300 Yard Headshot 

So Freeze was out on the range with his version of a precision rifle: the Howa 1500 hunting rifle in 308. Not kidding. That’s a...

Dragging Freeze into the 21st Century

So Freeze finally is shooting a modern rifle. I’m not saying he’s never shot a modern gun. But he did ask where the ram-rod...

Armory Chat 38: Howa 1500 Kryptek Edition

Here’s the problem. Freeze doesn’t really have a modern, center fire rifle that he can knock around the range with. At least one that...

European Rifle Burst Test

These videos were filmed quite a long time ago and have been on the internet for years. They came to my attention when I...

Howa Mini Grendel

I've spent the past few days in beautiful Casper, Wyoming shooting prairie dogs. I have nothing against prairie dogs--I actually find them kind of...